Chimenea Use

Chimenea Use

Enjoy unequaled ambiance.

Warmth on a cool evening.

Crackling sound. 

   *flickering flames.

Delightful wood-burning. Place it on deluxe metal stand.

Wood Burning Chimenea

 Your Chimenea will provide unequaled ambiance-warmth, flickering flames, crackling sounds & wood burning aroma.

 With proper care it will serve you through many seasons. But take care, improper use may cause this hand-made clay chimney to crack or even break.

           *General safety tips: Although most people are conscientious, we always provide a few "common sense" tips just to be on the safe side.

         *Always have a fire extinguisher handy when burning your Chiminea.

          *Be aware of children and pets.

          *Never leave your fire unattended.

          *Do not touch the outside of your Chiminea while it is in use, or right after it.

          *Do not extinguish your Chiminea fire with water.

         *Use outdoors Only, place on sturdy Iron Stand, away from roofs or overhanging branches.

         *Be sure your Chimenea is dry before starting fire.

*CLAY LID: Cover top to keep water out. 

*GRADE USE: -keeps burning PINION wood away from  clay base.(Available at 214-752-2281) 

-Allows air flow through the logs making it  easy starting your fire.

*Pinion has a nice aroma and keeps the mosquitos away, however it has a tendency to "pop", therefore be aware.

*Screen Lid: Recomended to keep ashes in.

            (Available at 214-752-2281) 

For further Chimenea Care: contact us at 214-752-2281

This product is manufactured by: Amigos Imports de Mexico

afiliated with AMIGOS POTTERY INC.

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